Modern, Traditional and Classic & race car suspensions.

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Updated 29th January 2020


1. Morgan RS Front suspension with progressive spring rate and tuned SPAX adjustables or Bilstein monotube dampers.

This  system is a direct exchange of springs and dampers. Provides much improved ride comfort and less roll.

Will fit all traditional Morgans from 1952 to current day.

Approved by Morgan Motor Company and available from SSL or any Morgan dealer or specialist World Wide. See the links page on this website.

Takes up to 3 hours to remove old system and fit the RS.


Price £595 plus fitting & VAT & delivery.


SPAX adjustables tuned for this system now standard fitment, Bilstein monotubes an option!

2. Morgan 5L Rear suspension with progressive spring rate and tuned Spax adjustables, Quantum adjustable monotube dampers or Bilstein nonadjustable monotube dampers.


Completely replaces the leaf springs with a bolt on system with no welding and limited drilling on older cars. Available for wide and narrow chassis cars.


Benefits include, progressive spring & roll stiffness, better ride, less roll, ride height adjustable.


Cars so fitted include: 1970's & (SEE PHOTO ON RIGHT LOWER) 1986 4/4 (narrow), 2014 4/4, 3.7 Roadster, 3.0 Roadster, +4 Duratec, M16 Rover +4.


Dealers who have fitted include Williams Automobiles, Allon Whites, Krazy Horse, Techniques, Librands. Morgan Motor Company is also an approved fitting agent.


These are the suggested retail prices but your dealer will discuss with you price to fit. Fitting at least one day plus removal of the leaf springs.


SPAX [twin tube adjustable] £2600.00

Quantum [monotube adjustable, special order] around £2800.00

Both plus VAT & Delivery.


SSL Engineers have worked with SPAX to create the damper characteristics we need for the RS and the 5L to give good ride and handling. Indeed the ride is a good as we achieved with Bilstein and when hardened with the adjuster then the car is well suited to hard work laden or track days.


Photo on the right shows the installation of SPAX adjustable dampers in the 5L, narrow chassis! The SPAX units still take the twin springs to give a progressive spring rate and are of course also adjustable for ride height to suit all the different models, though rear axle loading is not that significantly different between the models.

4. MGF, replace the 'extinct' Hydragas suspension units for coil spring canisters and dampers. Designed & Developed by SSL. This can be considered to be a 'Distress Purchase' as otherwise the car will be off the road with a failed Hydragas suspension unit. This kit gets the car back on the road with a reliable system.

The system has TuV approval for fitment in those European countries that need TuV approval.


Available from 'XPart'  (UK) 0870 242 4791


mgf box2 copy suplex_143227_1

Products include:

1. Morgan Front Suspension Refinement System. RS. (Previously sold by SUPLEX). NOW ALSO WITH SPAX!

2. Morgan Rear Suspension Five Link 5L. (Previously sold by SUPLEX). NOW ALSO WITH SPAX! Wide & Narrow chassis.

3. NEW Morgan Panhard Rod for leaf sprung cars, not clamping around the leaf spings! NEW

4. MGF Coil and damper replacement for Hydragas. (Previously sold by SUPLEX).

5. Morgan Rutherford rear suspension SPAX dampers

6. Morgan rear SPAX dampers, direct replacements.

7. SPAX dampers for special applications.

8. Coil spring design and manufacture: specials, progressive, calculations etc.

9. Leaf spring design and manufacture, rig testing for rate facility!

10.Adjustable valves for Armstrong Lever Arm dampers.

SCROLL DOWN to see all the products.

5. 'Rutherford rear tele conversion on Morgan. A Morgan driver wished to exchange his Koni rear dampers fitted to his Rutherford tele conversion on his 1954 +4 with new tuned SPAX adjustable dampers. Based on SPAX experience with the lovely Morgan ARP4 and the SSL with the 5L and other Morgan rear suspension projects SPAX built in a damper setting that suits the car very well.


"The Spax shock absorbers are a vast improvement on the Koni Classics.  The quality of the ride overall is far better.  In particular the jarring on bounce is eliminated. The Plus 4 is now giving a superior ride."


Note this car is also fitted with the RS front suspension system that suits the car very well, despite having a 2.1 litre cast iron engine up front.


Price around £80 each +VAT

DSCN0666 DSCN0664

6. SPAX Rear adjustable dampers for Morgans.

SSL have worked with SPAX to develop the settings of our own specification of rear dampers that will directly replace dampers that bolt to the cross car 'damper hoop'. These will complement the RS (Refinement System) front suspension and also work well with the standard front suspension. These are different settings from those sold by the Morgan factory and their dealers. The settings have made the most of what we have learnt on road and track by tuning damper settings for Quantum and Bilstein on Morgans.


Price around £200 a pair plus post and VAt. Please ask for a quote.

10. Adjustable valves for Armstrong lever arm dampers.

These are a straight exchange for the standard valves. SSL will flush your old units, fill, bleed and fit the new adjustable valves. Adjustment is with a 8mm hex.

Will fit a wide range of cars including MGA, MGB, MG Midget, Morgans, A35. Just ask SSL for advice.

8. Coil spring design and manufacture: Spring design calculations can be done to suit special applications maybe where space is limited. Can build in progression and maximise fatique life.


SSL work closely with a coil spring manufacturer in Sheffield who can make in small and large volumes. Specials can be design and made at short notice.


SSL can use its software to calculate quite accurately the rate (stiffness) of a coil spring from measurements of wire thickness, total number of coils end to end, and spring id or od.


SSL has design software to design a progressive spring that starts soft for good ride and stiffens in bump for good handling and load carrying capacity.  


Just ask.

7. SPAX dampers for special applications.

SSL have a good working relationship with SPAX. We will help specify SPAX dampers for special projects. SSL & SPAX will need at least: fully open length, fully closed length, bolt sizes, wheel/spring rate, corner weight, bump stop lengths. Contact SSL for details.

3 springs

9. Leaf spring design and manufacture: SSL are developing leaf spring design software, but tend to rely on experience and advice from the leaf spring manufacturer in Sheffield we work with.


SSL has its own leaf spring rate test rig where the spring can be loaded in small steps typically 1/2 inch, and the force measured. The load is then relaxed and measurements taken again and average taken to negate the stiction hysterisis effect. Graphs of the rate showing the progression are provided.


SSL have worked on historic sports cars' leaf springs to achieve the required rate and progression.


SSL also design asymmetric leaf springs that better resist windup under hard acceleration and gear changes.


Just ask.

SSL Leaf spring rate test rig2 MGB FIA Leaf spring test rs front SSL RS Demo stand early 44 narrow 5L

3. Morgan Panhard Rod, new unique design.

This replaces the U bolt plate under the leaf spring so does not clamp onto the leaf spring as the clampo affects the leaf spring compliance.


The Panhard cross member is there to ensure that the side loads that the rod takes are distributed to both sides of the chassis; this is actually the cross member used on the SSL 5L rear suspension system.


Currently only available for the 2 seater and the 4 seaters that do not have the battery behind the axle. Ask first.

Available from Morgan dealers and specialists such as Librands

Suggested retail £175 +VAT.

ssl panhard for leaf1 - Copy ssl panhard for leaf2 - Copy

Design - Source - Test - Supply - Develop - Tune.............................. for Road and Race!

Leaf springs ~ Coil springs linear & progressive ~ Telescopic dampers ~ Friction dampers ~ Lever arm dampers, adjustable valves

219 adj valve2 - Copy

Progressive spring stack for Morgan's five link rear suspension, to give comfortable ride yet then stiffen up with two up and lots of essential luggage for a blat down to Provence or a fling around the Highlands!

plus 8 front & rear roadster stack

Latest Morgan suspension additions!

Adjustable damping and ride height!

Front and rear coilovers for Aero8 models. New damper settings for more comfortable ride and better handling. Makes the car into a comfortable and fast true Grand Tourer, ideal for two on long distance trips.

Roadster & ARP4.