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Updated 29th January 2020



What is being said about SSL Morgan RS & 5L by satisfied customers



3.7 Roadster

The system is very well made and fits so neatly under the parcel shelf. I have the RS kit fitted up front with slightly tweaked damper settings

I drove the car hard over many miles of open roads I know, including hills and bumpy bends. It has really transformed the car's ride and handling, truly impressive. The rear suspension will now absorb speed bumps with no crashes or jolts, but more importantly is how well it copes with bumps at speed and its ability to put down the power on fast bumpy corners up hill and down. I am so pleased.


+4 Duratec

Trip to Corsica and back: Very impressed, the ride is certainly improved and much smoother. The rear was much better, coping with most that even rough roads in Southern France could throw at it. On smooth roads the handling was a revelation with much better turn in. In spite of a heavy case the prop shaft never hit the transmission tunnel (unlike with the old set up). Bump steer was also minimised, certainly much better than with the old front and rear set up. In spite of driving fairly hard there was never any time that the rear did not feel very secure.


3.0 Roadster

All good. I have done 800 miles including a week in France, 2-up with luggage, and a trip up a cart track courtesy of the Satnav! Handling is much better with precise turn in and it goes where you point it. It stays on line well with only severe bumps causing any waver.  This is much improved. No axle tramp or tyre squeal on acceleration.  The ride is much better, not hitting bump stops and the same loaded.



+4 Duratec

Tested on the road we found the behaviour is significantly better, especially with bumps in the corners and changes of direction.  The impression is that it has much more adherence, even on the wheel that is not under load.



Roadster 3.7

The 5L harmonizes quite well with the “upped” power/torque of my 3.7 - no tramping, no sidestepping even with “full load” applied.

A revelation!  Absolutely NO question about the RS, this seems a “must” to me, for each and every trad Morgan – it´s a no-brainer to me!

Comfortable the whole mods are indeed – almost to the point of me thinking “can it be this is still a trad Morgan i´m charging along in?”

So full recommendation for both the RS and the 5L system from my side – I do not regret the work and money spent on it!

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