Modern, Traditional and Classic & race car suspensions.


Updated May 19th  2021


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Morgan Motor Company ~ manufacturer of Traditional, Aero and Three wheelers  [CLICK HERE]


Morgan Dealers & Specialists

Williams Automobiles ~ Major UK Morgan, Lotus and Caterham dealer and service agent, also race preparation team. Have fitted many RS kits and 5L kits to +4 and Roadsters.  [CLICK HERE]


BerryBrook Morgan ~ sales, service and fit of SSL RS & 5L products [CLICK HERE]


Allon Whites ~ Morgan dealer &servicing. Have fitted many RS kits & 5L wide and narrow chassis. [CLICK HERE]


Techniques ~ Morgan dealer, servicing & race preparation. Fitted  RS kits and 5L kits to mighty Plus 8s! [CLICK HERE]


Librands ~ Retailer of Parts & Accessories for Morgans including stainless fittings, car covers, exhausts, lights, racks, mirrors, suspension including SSL (Suspension Supplies Ltd ~ RS, 5L, Aero8/Plus8, PlusSix, dampers, Panhards], roll bars/hoops and much more.UK & Europe! [CLICK HERE]


Krazy Horse ~ Morgan dealer and American 'V Twin' motorcycles. Fitted 5L & RS kits. [CLICK HERE]


Beamish Morgan ~ fitted many RS kits and 5L to 3.0 Roadster. [CLICK HERE]


GEE ~ G.E.E Ltd is currently the worlds number one supplier of obsolete Morgan sports car chassis. [CLICK HERE]



Quantum Racing ~ design and manufacture monotube adjustable racing and fast road dampers. [CLICK HERE]

MotorSport Advanced Development ~  design and manufacture of components, CAD, CAM, CNC.  [CLICK HERE]

Harvey Bailey Engineering ~ performance car upgrades and torsion bar manufacturer. [CLICK HERE]

Moss Motors ~ Parts for classic British cars. [CLICK HERE]

Rimmer Brothers ~ Parts for Classic British cars.  [CLICK HERE]

XPart ~ is the one and only dedicated source of Genuine Parts for MG and Rover models.  [CLICK HERE]

British Classic Car Parts ~ BCC - brakes, suspension, exhausts, wheels etc. including British assymetric leaf springs for Morgans.   [CLICK HERE]

SPAX ~ SPAX dampers and shockabsorbers.   [CLICK HERE]

GAZ - GAZ dampers and shockabsorbers.  [CLICK HERE]


Technical Help

Morganatica ~ independent Morgan technical advice website, peer reviewed.  [CLICK HERE] moving to [CLICK HERE]

MSCC ~ The Morgan Sports Car Club (MSCC) is for enthusiasts of Morgan cars.   [CLICK HERE]


Other Vehicles of interest

CastleThree ~ new three wheeler being developed in Alnwick! Competition to Morgan M3W? [CLICK HERE]