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Updated May 19th  2021


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October 2016.

SUPLEX UK Ltd have decided to concentrate on their excellent core products of automotive coil and leaf springs and pass all suspension system business to SSL. The I.P. being licenced to Dan White founder and Director of SSL.


SSL will thus be continuing to develop the RS Morgan front suspension and 5L Morgan rear multilink suspension together with tuned dampers ('shock absorbers') from such as Quantum Racing, Blistein and GAZ.


21st November 2016.

Morgan Rear Suspension 5L. Today SUPLEX UK instructed SSL to take over manufacture of the 5L Morgan rear suspension. The 5L kit will still be made by the same manufacturers but will be branded 'SSL 5L' not as a SUPLEX product.


Morgan Front Suspension RS. SUPLEX UK are running down their stock, but then SSL take over the manufacture and sales of the same product rebranded as SSL RS.

30th January 2017


RS kits in production with SPAX dampers, will be available early Feb 2017.


5L kits also in production with SPAX dampers, in production.


All kits available from SSL, Morgan dealers, Morgan specialists and Morgan AeroRacing. See the Products page to see the UK dealers that have been trained in fitting.


22nd December.

Early 2017 SSL [Suspension Supplies Ltd] will be supplying the RS [Refinement System] front suspension kit for all Morgans from 1954 to current day.


These RS front suspension kits are also being fitted in Morgan Chassis Build on new cars to customer order.


SSL Engineers are currently working with SPAX to tune their non-adjustable and adjustable dampers ['Shock absorbers'] for the RS [Front suspension] and the 5L [Rear Suspension] as an alternative to the Bilstein and Quantum options currently available.


Note that SPAX are the Morgan factory preferred damper suppliers.


Note also that the all the parts within the RS and 5L kits supplied by SSL are the very same parts, made by the same people in the same factories as the previous kits sold by SUPLEX. They are the same products, the branding has changed from SUPLEX to SSL and the design and development will continue by the same engineers as before.


7th January 2017. We now have taken over production of the RS (Front suspension Refinement System) and the 5L (Rear suspension 5 link system) from SUPLEX so that there is no overlap with the product previosuly branded as SUPLEX. Just to confirm, the RS and 5L are the same products.


These SSL funded RS and 5L products will be available branded as SSL this month January 2017.


NEWS we have now completed the road testing of the SPAX adjustable dampers on the RS and the 5L, brilliant! SPAX dampers will be our approved supplier to match what Morgan themselves prefer. There may still be some Bilstein products at the dealers and of course Quantums on special order. Just ask.


30th January 2017


RS kits in production with SPAX dampers, will be available early Feb 2017.


5L kits also in production with SPAX dampers, in production.


All kits available from SSL, Morgan dealers, Morgan specialists and Morgan AeroRacing. See the Products page to see the UK dealers that have been trained in fitting.

RaceRetro2017 SSL

March 2017

SSL have won the supply of all front suspension main and rebound springs for 'traditional' Morgans in the factory 'Chassis Build'. These springs are now made in Sheffield England!


Been approached by two Morgan race teams to be considered to help set up the suspensions following on from success with the Williams 4/4 and the two other Morgans (+8 and 2.0 4/4) they support.


10th March 2017

Delivered first batch of SSL RS Morgan front suspension kits to the Morgan factory that are fitted as a customer option on the chassis build. These are the first with Sheffield made springs and SPAX adjustable dampers made in Bicester. English parts for English cars!

Delivered first batch of SSL steering thrust bearings and rubber seals used on all 'traditional' Morgans.

APRIL 2017

SSL are now able to buy SPAX adjustable dampers and coilovers direct from the SPAX factory for Morgans and anything else you run or are building. So replacement dampers for the front suspension (Factory or RS), the rears of cars with leaf springs or dampers for the Rutherford ‘lever-arm to tele’ conversions. Also we can specify full race SPAX dampers for Morgans and other race cars.


SSL have also supplied softer damping with adjustable SPAX and progressive springs on a lovely ARP4 Morgan to give better ride and a more balanced front to rear feel. These are the same springs as on the SSL 5L but with the damper settings developed by SPAX initially for the ARP4.


The Lamborghini nose lift system development is nearing completion. It is installed on a 1999 Diablo. The system is stand-alone so does not rely on the power steering pump pumping up the dampers to achieve a nose lift. This car has also been fitted with new adjustable dampers and slightly softer springs to offer a better ride yet still give the handling required. Road testing due soon, delayed locating the ‘Uni-ball’ rear wishbone joints, more news next month. Work progressing at Thornley Kelham. The system is believed to fit the Diablo and the Murcielagos that followed the Diablo. If wish to know more then contact us!



Designed progressive asymmetric leaf springs for a historic Morgan race car.


Commissioned a leaf spring test rig to measure rate.


Designed new coil springs for stretched Mercedes limos.


Worked with international damper manufacture to tune suspension for a high performance offroad 4/4, for use onroad!


First commercial fitment of a NARROW 5L to a 1970's Kent engined 4/4 by Allon Whites. Morgan widened the chassis by 2 inches in later years but did not increase the distance between the springs by as much as two inches, so not a simple job to redesign the 5L to fit an early chassis, but it does!


The Lamborghini nose lift system development is completed. It is installed on a 1999 Diablo. If wish to know more then contact us!


NEWS ~ August 2017

SSL have their own leaf spring rate test rig. We can now test leaf springs over their full range of working load from MG Midgets to Rover P5.

Useful for assessing the rate of unknown springs but also to enable SSL to develop progressive and asymmetric springs for road, sports and race cars, including FIA Historic race cars!...

SSL had a great day at Run-for-the-Hills' a Morgan factory do, such a great day and so much work put in by the factory to make it such fun!

Left to right: John & Bill's SLR with SSL front coil spring race pack and SSL progressive asymmetric leaves at the rear. Monica in the background with coil overs specificed and supplied by Dan in a very much earlier life - still doing the same now!

SLR SSL springs front and rear
SLR x3 Monica and TOK



Williams lent us Henry's race winning 4/4 with SSL springs and dampers tuned for the car!


SSL had a great weekend at RaceRetro. We demonstratied Morgan suspensions and our engineers were available to talk through suspension issues on many cars; whether Morgans, other classics or kit, whether race or touring, whether springs or dampers or even full race Austin Sevens - oh yes!


SSL work closely with UK manufacturers of; coil springs, leaf springs, anti-roll bars, road based twin tube dampers, full race dampers and other suspension systems.


SSL can carry out dynamic analysis of your cars to set spring rates and damper curves. Surely the most cost effective way of reducing lap times or getting from A to B quickly in comfort is to tune the springs and dampers, you don't need 200+ bhp per ton to go quick!

RaceRetro2019 SSl lo res
SSL at RR2020

SSL had a stand at RaceRetro2020 again, lots of interest in our products, services and the two cars on show.


Besides Morgan suspension products, we were demonstrating the adjustable valves for Armstrong lever arm dampers as used on thousands of British cars (Morris Minors, Midgets, Sprites, MGB, Healeys, Morgans to mention but a few!)


Cars shown were:

Left: Austin Seven special based on a 1928 model, original engine, gearbox, axle, uprights and chassis.


Right: Buckland B3, now available again to special order. BBMC hoping to build two per year! More cost effective than the Morgan M3W but a very different concept.

RaceRetro 2018 SSL 2

SSL had a stand at RaceRetro2018, show casing the Morgan SLR that was built on a 1960's Plus4 chassis.

SSL has now worked on two of three SLRs in terms of dynamic analysis and springs & dampers.


Morgan Aero8 Series 2/3/4 and now Series 5.


SSL has developed adjustable coilovers with new spring and damper rates to improve the ride comfort but also to make the handling more progressive. On the S5 we have developed a softer ARB too, this improves the ride comfort around town and makes the car less tail happy when using its potential.


S4 - four cars so fitted, parts in stock. Two more in progress. Drivers and crew love it!

S5 - 2 cars so fitted, parts in production end July 2020, both drivers love the improved ride and more manageablke handling!


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