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Updated May 19th  2021


Lamborghini Diablo 1997; replace coil overs with slightly softer springs and retuned dampers but with new aftermarket ride height system for the front.

New front springs custom designed to fit the front GAZ dampers and the nose lift system.

Ride height system will lift nose of the car by about 50mm to clear speed bumps.


The Lamborghini nose lift system development is completed. It is installed on a 1999 Diablo. The system is stand-alone so does not rely on the power steering pump pumping up the dampers to achieve a nose lift. This car has also been fitted with new adjustable dampers and slightly softer springs to offer a better ride yet still give the handling required. Road testing completed, ride much better and handling still sharp. Easy to adjust the damping settings. Work done at Thornley Kelham. The system is believed to also fit the Murcielago that followed the Diablo. If wish to know more then contact us!

Video available - please ask for a copy!



1930's Citroen Traction Avant 15C preparation of the suspension for long distance Classic Rallies.


This is the 6 cylinder 2.7 litre version 1939 (model built 1938 to 1956)


New GAZ dampers tuned for the application.


Calculations on new Torsion bars and source suppliers of new items.


Recently successfully completed the 2017 'Winter Raid', the new GAZ dampers worked well and coped with the snow, ice, gravel & fast road stages.


Gives a great ride and improves the handling on normal roads. These dampers will be available for all Citroen Traction Avants to replace the standard items or the Classic Konis! Contact SSL.

Castle Three prototype suspension advice. A new three wheeler being developed in Alnwick, SSL provided general advice on suspensin design for a three wheeler based on experience with the Morgan Three Wheeler.



Morgan race cars. SSL have developed a very successful working relationship with Techniques Morgan run by the Gateson team!


SSL have designed some new leaf springs with the correct rate determined from a dynamic analysis and camber to give the required race ride height, supplied a range of main coil springs, progressive rebound springs and RateRiser spring together with race tuned SPAX adjustable dampers.


Techniques have exclusivity over these products, so contact us or Techniques.


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Projects include:

New springs and dampers for two of the three Morgan SLRs.

Springs and dampers for a 1939 Morgan 4/4 Series 1 race car.

Lotus R26 Race cars dynamic calcs and damper dyno testing.

Fitting adjustable dampers to Armstrong lever arm dampers.

1939 Citroen Traction Avant robust dampers for the Peking-Paris rally.

Porsche 911S ride analysis.

MGB Race car leaf springs stiffer and lower!

Springs and dampers for Jeremy Holden's Rally Round Africa

Stiffer coil springs for stretched limo's and hearses.

Spring calcs to increase the legal weight limit on 4x4 pickups.

Lamborghini Diablo 1997 nose lift system, GAZ dampers and softer springs.

1930's Citroen Traction Avant new dampers for long distance rallies.

Morgan 4/4 Race Car springs and dampers.

Morgan +8 Race Car springs and dampers.

Tatra Suspension investigation for improved handling

Castle Three - three wheeler, front suspension geometry calcs.


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British Steam Car Company.


Dan provided suspension support to the car, including spring design through SUPLEX.





Specialist spring design to give progressive rate with a single spring. So complaint ride lightly loaded but will stiffen up with extra crew or load to give same compliant ride.

enduro mcrea
McRae Lo NX5Z4520

2009 Dakar Rally.

Alistair McRae's Enduro car

Progressive SUPLEX springs, a pair of springs in series to give compliant ride but able to take high impacts such as landing after big jump!

Leaf spring design for Sanata imported by Fourtec. Use of single leaf composite single leaf springs to give large articulation, lightness and durability.

SSL are still working with Jon Crocker, the exMD of Fourtec, on new leaf springs for classic cars including Morgans!

Fourtec test 024
Fourtec test 026
Citroen TA Baltic Rally 2017 with GAZ cropped
ride height
brian tech
techniques +8 origi
techniques race car
blank paint