Modern, Traditional and Classic & race car suspensions.

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Updated December 2019


Suspension Supplies Ltd works with owners, specialist car companies, car restorers, competition car preparers and other manufacturers to design, develop and provide suspension parts, systems and services.


This includes coil, torsion and leaf spring design, damper characteristic development, multilink suspensions and road testing & adjustable Armstrong damper valves.


Current projects include classic cars, race cars, three wheelers & endurance offroad 4x4.


Production and aftermarket suspension springs and upgrades for Morgans.

Dan White and his 2014 Morgan fitted with the Production SSL RS and SSL 5L front and rear suspensions.

Peter Ballard with the 1980's 2.0L 4/4 the initial development car for the RS and 5L front and rear suspensions.

dan lo res PB270591 - Copy facebook

Suspension Supplies Ltd supports many activities in the classic and specialist car industry for rod and race.


Dan & Peter have between them over 80 years of experience in the automotive industry from spring design & making, designing innovative suspension systems, setting up race winning race & rally cars, developing optimal damper (shock absorber) characteristics, working with damper manufacturers and rig & road  testing.


Are we lucky to be working on the cars and technology we love?


We strive to pass on this knowledge and enthusiasm to our customers who turn into friends!

Dan White  Director Suspension Supplies Ltd.

Dan has driven Morgans for many years and currently has a 1600 Sigma 4/4, which of course is now fully equipped with the RS up front and the 5L at the rear. This car has already done well over ten thousand miles.


In the 1970s Dan worked with Maurice Owen at the Morgan Motor Company to develop various new suspension ideas and supplied most of their suspension production parts.


A qualified engineer and apprentice trained spring maker, he has spent nearly forty-five years working on suspensions.


He has worked with ICI and Formula One teams and the McLaren Can-Am programme to introduce and develop titanium suspension springs.


Dan created the company SSL to support the classic car market's demand for advanced and durable suspension systems. Dan works closely with UK and European spring manufacturers who design and make springs using the latest techniques and methods to suit even the most challenging applications.

Peter Ballard CEng MIMechE. Director Suspension Supplies Ltd

Peter drives a 2.0L 1984 Morgan 4/4 and is very enthusiastic about Morgans but felt that some aspects of the suspension needed refinement.


Initially he collaborated with Dan White to optimise and release the RS front suspension kit. To complement the RS front suspension kit, Peter designed a new five-link rear suspension with ‘coil overs’ that incorporated a novel system for progressive roll stiffness. It is a system that can easily be fitted to a standard chassis with no welding or drilling. The end result being an assembly of parts that can be easily fitted once the leaf springs and damper hoop are removed and could, if required, be returned to the original leaf spring setup. So the SSL 5L (Five Link) rear suspension system was born. The end result is no less a Morgan but is one that is both comfortable and fast and a pleasure to drive.


Peter has, in his varied career, worked for Leyland Trucks, Lotus

Engineering as Principal Engineer, Team Lotus F1, Avon Rubber automotive and with a major defence company as head of testing and development of advanced military vehicle suspension.


Below is Peter's current project a new Buckland B3 Mk2 made by PSS, final fettling in process getting ride and handling suitable for making good progress on UK roads. Many are used in competition so need different settings.

SSL has a lot of interesting projects on this year; more ACCobra leaf springs, Lotus 26R springs and dampers, AND competiton Porsche 356 & 911S. Current projects include new leaf springs for a 1903 Darracq!

2019 has been a busy year for SSL. Demands from owners for ride improvement of the more recent Morgans has prompted us to develop suspension upgrades for them too.

P8202772 - Copy

SSL has been working on suspension upgrades for Morgan's own five link rear suspension with a progressive spring stack to improve ride and adjustable dampers. Applies to the 3.7 Roadster and the previous application on the ARP4 of course.

spring stack ad morgans five link

New adjustable (for damping & ride height) coilovers for better ride and handling on the ARP4, Roadster & the Aero8/Plus8/Speedster!

plus 8 front & rear

Below SPAX adjustable coilovers for the Aero8 series.

Plus8/Speedster Owner:

"Good drive home with new suspension setup, much improved ride and steering.

We then did a 160 mile round trip and the ride in the car was much improved and smoother, my wife was particularly pleased with the improved passenger ride. "

As fitted by

"Techniques Morgan".

Aero/Plus 8 owner, bought new in 2014:

"SSL used my car to develop a bespoke coil over system for the Morgan Aero chassis cars. I asked them to optimise the setup for fast road use: the result is as chalk and cheese. It now rides the deformities of a UK road comfortably, no need to slow excessively. The car seems to turn in to corners more easily, there is some feedback through the steering: all in all an easy car to drive on any road".

As fitted by Williams Automobiles ~ Morgan.