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Dan White and Peter Ballard, founders and Directors of SSL, are both Morgan owners and enthusiasts. They have developed and produced many suspension refinements for these iconic cars

SSL 5L now available for 4-seaters

Morgan Aero 8 and Plus 8  Ride and Handling Enhancement

Morgan Aero 8, Aero Max, Plus 8 and Speedster, Series 2,3 and 4  

Review and Development

After critical feedback from owners who had covered thousands of road miles, SSL carried out a dynamic analysis then specified new spring and damper rates.


This suspension system significantly significantly improves the ride comfort to make it a great, fast, long distance car.  Handling is now more progressive whilst allowing slightly more roll that gives better feedback in hard cornering.


SSL system and benefits

The SSL system consists of two pairs of tuned coil-overs with SPAX dampers with adjustable damping and adjustable ride height to replace the original non-adjustable units. The damping level can be adjusted from softer than original for improved ride comfort and grip to firmer than the originals for competition use.

SSL tuned dampers allow the suspension to absorb bumps and undulations giving a more comfortable ride and better grip over poor and/or wet surfaces.

Harshness felt through the steering wheel is reduced  without losing the essential feel when exploring ultimate grip.

NB Spring seats are adjustable, but only to replicate the standard ride height, which is essential.

For Series 1 Aero/Plus 8 please enquire.


Front and rear dampers

What drivers say

Ride assessments by owners:


"We did a 160 mile round trip yesterday. We thought the ride in the car was much improved and smoother, the wife was particularly pleased with the improved passenger ride. "


“A recent ride in a Morgan Plus 4 fitted with SSL's new 5 link rear and the well established SSL front end was a revelation, and convinced me that my 2014 Plus 8 could be better. SSL used my car to develop a bespoke coil over system for the Morgan Aero chassis cars. I asked them to optimise the setup for fast road use: the result is as chalk and cheese. It now rides the deformities of a UK road comfortably, no need to slow excessively. The car seems to turn in to corners more easily, there is some feedback through the steering: all in all an easy car to drive on any road.” 



“The ride has lost the low speed nervousness experienced over a broken surface and cattle grids. Cornering hard there is a shade more roll as the car turns in, but it feels planted and composed in a way that it didn’t before. Overall the ride and suspension feel as one would expect to find on a modern performance car. After 8 months [of the SSL system, and having recently driven both the new Morgan Plus Six and Plus Four models, I’m still delighted with the way the car performs. The new Morgan CX chassis cars are close, but not better.”

Morgan Aero 8 Series 5

Review and Development

Afer critical feedback from owners who had covered thousands of road miles, SSL carried out a dynamic analysis on the Series 5  and then specified new spring, damper and ARB rates.


This suspension system significantly improves the ride comfort to make it a great fast long distance car. Handling is now more progressive whilst allowing slightly more roll that gives better feedback in hard cornering.


SSL system

The SSL system consists of two pairs of tuned coil-overs with adjustable damping.


NB Spring seats are adjustable but only to replicate the standard ride height, which is essential.

Also included is a replacement more compliant rear anti-roll bar and bushes, this improves the ride over poor surfaces. The inevitable slightly increased roll though gives better feel when hard cornering but still retains the roll control when cornering hard.

Contact SSL for fitting instructions and information sheet

A8 S5.jpg

Series 5 tuned coil-overs with adjustable damping.


Series 5 replacement rear anti-roll bar and bushes

What drivers say

Ride assessments by owners:

“...over poor surfaces a significant transformation in terms of directional stability and smoother steering with less correctional input mid corner. The overall ride is more supple and relaxed…. Much more enjoyable especially as no longer dodging the potholes and wincing.”


"The car is immediately less nervous; the front end no longer crashes through its first moments of travel. No longer need to scan the road surface ahead and try to find the smoothest path through. There's a balance between front and rear - they now feel like they're intended for the same car, and behave consistently."


And from a passenger: 

“…..the ride is much smoother and far more comfortable.”

Morgan Plus 6  Ride and Handling Enhancement


Tame this awesomely potent machine and transform it into a fast yet comfortable long distance touring car with the SSL Ride and Handling Enhancement of the Plus 6.


Review and Development

The early customers of the Plus 6 approached SSL through Librands to see if we could effect modifications to the suspension that would enhance the potential of the Plus 6 as a true high performance Grand Tourer.  So working with SPAX, ‘Librands’ and ‘BerryBrook Motors’ (Morgan dealer in SW England) a new suspension system was developed. Then after many hours and miles of road testing on a variety of roads and at a wide range of speeds, SSL have now specified new spring, damper and anti-roll bar rates


SSL system and benefits

The SSL system consists of two pairs of tuned coil-overs with adjustable damping plus a new concept of compliant progressive drop link for the anti-roll bar to improve the ride over poor degraded surfaces but still retain the roll control when cornering hard.


The SSL adjustable coil-overs enable the Plus Six to mix it with real performance cars for handling and stability yet also ride well in town or on a blast up the Alps.

The compliant drop links soften the very stiff ARB. The ride is now good, damping easily set to be comfortable at town and local roads but firm for those more assertive days!


Besides the improved ride comfort, also of great importance is that now the handling and road holding during assertive driving has been made far more progressive to enable greater use to be made of the power and torque of the superb straight six cylinder BMW motor!


As this suspension system also significantly improves the ride comfort, the Plus 6 is now more able to carry increased weight such as holiday luggage with the additional ability to adjust the damping when required. This makes the Plus 6 into a great fast yet comfortable long distance performance car.


NB There is no facility for ride height adjustment so as to ensure maintenance of the suspension geometry.

Contact SSL for fitting instructions and information sheet

SSL PlusSix front units drop link.jpg

Plus Six coil-over installed


Plus Six coil-overs

What drivers say

Ride assessments by owners:

A German Morgan dealer reports that:

 “The PlusSix with the SSL suspension is now very stable at 150mph and gave confidence it would continue to be so even faster.”


Plus Six owner Paul Clarke, having recently fitted the SSL suspension, says:

“Now I feel able to explore the performance with some confidence  and with increased comfort. Other Plus Six owners should really investigate this upgrade, you will not believe it is the same car!”

Morgan Aero 8 and Plus 8 Aero
Morgan Plus Six

Morgan Roadster 3.7 and ARP4  Ride and Handling Enhancement

With factory five-link rear suspension

Ride and  Handling Enhancement of the Traditional Morgan Roadster and ARP4 already fitted with Morgan’s own five link rear suspension.


Review and Development

The Morgan ‘factory’ five link rear suspension was set up for quite assertive driving and is thus very firm with inevitable compromised ride comfort. SSL has applied its progressive twin spring system from its acclaimed SSL 5L rear suspension to provide a comfortable ride, yet the car is still able to cope well when driven hard and also fully laden. Many have been fitted to the 3.7 Roadster and the Cosworth ARP4 with great success.


The dampers are adjustable for damping and spring preload to match the standard ride height. This progressive rear spring and damper setup perfectly matches the SSL RS (Refinement System) front suspension product to make this great performance ‘traditional’ car even better.


The ride over broken surfaces is greatly improved as that uses the so° regime of the spring stack, yet then with heavier load and/or hard use the stiffer regime comes into play for great handling.

Coilover SSL twin spring progressive roadster & ARP4 Morgan five link.jpg

Roadster spring


Roadster spring fitted

What drivers say

Ride assessments by owners:


“..a more supple ride… slightly more initial roll but then seems to stiffen up….balances the SSL RS front suspension characteristics“

Email contact us for your nearest supplier and fitting agent.

Morgan Roadster 3.7 and ARP4

Morgan Three Wheeler P101

Ride and Handling Enhancement

M3W_ adj_lge_2ST2356.jpg

Traditional Morgans

For a smoother ride and better handling, we have a suspension up-grade for every Morgan

from pre-war to the latest models.

Morgan Three Wheeler P101
Traditional Morgans

SSL 5L Morgan Rear Suspension

Ride and Handling Enhancement for traditional Morgans

Our multi-link rear suspension for all traditional Morgans gives a comfortable ride with improved handling and control for touring so that everyone in the family can enjoy it.



As Morgan owners and drivers ourselves we wanted to make our cars even more enjoyable to drive. We designed and perfected our SSL 5L  multi-link rear suspension  for all traditional Morgans. 

We continue to improve the product and it now has Multi-Axis CNC machining of the aluminium alloy axle brackets, a process used for many F1 components, giving high precision, accuracy and repeatability. They also look fantastic as they are hard anodised and the steel work is black powder coated providing excellent corrosion protection.


SSL 5L system and benefits

The SSL 5L system is a bolt-on system available for both narrow and wide chassis cars and completely replaces the leaf springs. It is straightforward to install with full instructions for fitting and setup.

No drilling or welding is required for later cars and it can be fitted to earlier cars with minimal drilling.

It is fitted with tuned Spax adjustable dampers and has progressive rising spring rate and roll stiffness.

The system offers adjustable ride height, eliminates axle tramp and gives improved ride, handling and roadholding.


We recommend that it is fitted by a specialist. 

If you would like to experience the transformation we can arrange for you to drive either a Roadster or a +4 demonstrator.

Contact SSL for fitting instructions and information sheet


Extract from an article on a road test for MSCC club magazine Miscellany :

"... there was virtually none of the crashing and jarring .... Big bumps can still be felt but it drives through them much better and the annoying vibrations and shudders on rough roads were almost entirely eliminated, if the ride quality is really spoiling your enjoyment of your Mog, it's well worth looking into".

SSL 5L now available for 4-seaters

SSL 5L rear suspension upgrade is now available for traditional Morgan 4-seaters through a specialist fitting agent.


Contact SSL for more details.

Our test driver reported:
“The difference is extreme to where it was on the old leaf springs, the traction and stability is great with the car being very predictable and confidence inspiring and also good ride quality at cruising speed and when you are pushing it.”

SSL RS Morgan Front Suspension

Front suspension refinement system for traditional Morgans

Our  RS Front suspension system for all traditional Morgans provides much improved ride comfort and handling.


SSL RS system and benefits

The SSL RS  front suspension system is a direct exchange of front springs and dampers. 

It has progressive spring rate and tuned SPAX adjustable dampers (or Bilstein monotube dampers if available).

This  system provides much improved ride comfort, more progressive handling and less roll.

It will fit all traditional Morgans from 1952 to the last of production in Spring 2020.

It is approved by the Morgan Motor Company and available from SSL or any Morgan dealer or specialist World Wide. 


It is  quick to install, taking up to only 3 hours to remove the old system and fit the RS.

Contact SSL for fitting instructions and information sheet

RS_fitted_P5191590 copy.tif

Adjustable Armstrong lever arm dampers

For older Morgans

If you own an older Morgan fitted with Armstrong lever arm shock absorbers why not try our adjustable valves for lever arm dampers

They are a straight exchange for the standard valves.


SSL will flush your old units, fill, bleed and fit the new adjustable valves or provide just the valves.


Adjustment is simple with a 8mm hex spanner.


The range is controlled by oil viscosity.

Contact SSL for fitting instructions and information sheet


Discs for friction dampers - Andre Hartford type.

Fitted to Series One Morgans and some early three wheelers


We have developed an excellent new material for the discs for friction dampers  


With the SSL material there is no “stiction”,  thus allowing the suspension to absorb road surface degradations and flow over undulations, giving a significant improvement in ride and handling.


It has been fitted successfully to the Morgan 4/4 Series1, Morgan three wheeler (1930s),  as well as a wide variety of vintage and historic vehicles including: Lagonda Rapide, Bentley 4.5, Riley Falcon, Riley MPH, AustinSeven,  Brough motorcycles and to a Rolls Royce Phantom engine vibration damper. 


SSL will supply discs to pattern or dimensions. We provide technical support and cut them to size. Stiffer coil springs can be provided on those dampers without the 'star' finger springs.

Contact SSL for fitting instructions and information sheet


SSL Morgan Panhard Rod Kit

For every traditional 2-seater Morgan

Narrow chassis 1950 - 1998, wide chassis, early Plus 8

The SSL Panhard Rod for all traditional Morgans Improves handling without affecting the ride.


SSL Panhard Rod design

The new unique design bolts to the axle with the existing 'U' bolt and replaces the U-bolt plate. It does not clamp onto the leaf spring thus avoiding affecting the leaf spring flexure and ride quality.

It sits at an optimum angle to keep the axle motion as close to vertical as possible and the Panhard cross member ensures even distribution  of side loads.

The stiffening cross member bolts to the chassis (this is actually the cross member used on the SSL 5L rear suspension system).

Versions are available for both wide and narrow chassis cars.


SSL Panhard Rod benefits

The SSL Panhard Rod improves handling without affecting the ride.

It supports leaf springs during cornering loads and prevents springs from rubbing on the chassis.

The correctly engineered brackets replace lower leaf clamp plate.


Discuss with your fitting agent to ensure you get the correct kit. 

Please note: Currently only available for the 2-seater and the 4-seaters that do not have the battery behind the axle, please check before buying.

Contact SSL for fitting instructions and information sheet

SSL_Panhard Rod_detail_34 copy.tif
SSL_Panhard_Rod_detail_64 copy.tif
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