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Bespoke Springs

SSL Bespoke Leaf Spring Design and Manufacture


SSL designs and develops leaf springs for road or race, whether quarter elliptical or semi elliptical, linear or progressive, symmetrical or asymmetrical, then workls closely with high quality UK leaf spring manufacturers.

SSL is developing its own leaf spring design software, but we also benefit from the experience and advice from the leaf spring manufacturer in Sheffield we work with.


SSL has its own leaf spring rate test rigs for semi and quarter elliptic springs  where the spring can be loaded in small steps and the force measured. The load is then relaxed and measurements taken again and average taken to negate the stiction hysterisis effect. Graphs of the rate showing the progression are provided.


SSL have worked on historic sports cars' leaf springs to achieve the required rate and progression.


SSL also design asymmetric leaf springs that better resist windup under hard acceleration and gear changes.


All you have to do is contact us with your particular need and we will work out a solution.


Springs on FIA spec MGB

SSL Bespoke Coil Spring Design and Manufacture


SSL provides a service where spring design calculations can be done to suit special applications,  perhaps where space is limited. 

We can build in progression and maximise fatigue life.


SSL works closely with a coil spring manufacturer in Sheffield who can make springs in small and large volumes. Specials can be designed and made at short notice.


SSL has design software to create a progressive spring that starts soft for good ride and stiffens in bump for good handling and load carrying capacity.  

We use our software to calculate quite accurately the rate (stiffness) of a coil spring from measurements of wire thickness, total number of coils end to end and spring inner diameter or outer diameter.

All you have to do is contact us with your particular need and we will work out a solution.

SSL can supply a specifically designed front suspension kit for race and competition Morgans. Email us for information.

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