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Bespoke Dampers

SSL  works with damper manufacturers (including SPAX GAZ, Quantum, Bilstein) to provide units with characteristics matched to the car, springs and driver.


We offer a suspension set-up consultancy for all competing classics.

We carry out dynamic analysis to determine spring, anti-roll bar and damper/shock absorber rates.

We design coil springs, leaf springs and suspension systems for road, race and kit/replica cars.

SSL supply coil springs, leaf springs and dampers/shock absorbers.

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Adjustable Armstrong lever arm dampers 


If you own a car fitted with Armstrong lever arm shock absorbers why not try our adjustable valves for lever arm dampers. 


They are a straight exchange for the standard valves. SSL will flush your old units, fill, bleed and fit the new adjustable valves or provide just the valves. Adjustment is simple with a 8mm hex spanner. The range is controlled by oil viscosity.


They will fit a wide range of cars including MGA, MGB, MG Midget, Morgans, A35. 


Just ask SSL for advice


Discs for friction dampers - Andre Hartford type

Fitted to many older vehicles


We have developed an excellent  new material for the discs for friction dampers  


With the SSL material there is no “stiction”,  thus allowing the suspension to absorb road surface degradations and flow over undulations, giving a significant improvement in ride and handling.


It has been fitted successfully to a wide variety of vintage and historic vehicles including: Lagonda Rapide, Bentley 4.5, Riley Falcon, Riley MPH, Austin Seven, Morgan 4/4 Series1, Brough motorcycles, Morgan three wheeler (1930s), and to a Rolls Royce Phantom engine vibration damper. 


SSL will supply discs to pattern or dimensions. We provide technical support and cut them to size. Stiffer coil springs can be provided on those dampers without the 'star' finger springs.


The material has been fitted to a Bugatti Type 35A that now rides well allowing the leaf springs to work, but then the car settles quickly after a bump, corner or braking as you would expect it to do with hydraulic dampers.

Also incorporated is an adjuster to actually set the friction level of the damper, as standard there is a coil spring under preload that expands the shoe that needs to be replaced to adjust the damping.


The Austin Seven later used a twin damper arrangement. The lack of stiction allows the car to settle after a corner and run straight and true. The car also settles very quickly after a bump as it would be expected to do with telescopic dampers.

Contact SSL for fitting instructions and information sheet

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